I Wish, I Could...

I knew that you were made for me,
right from the first day I met you.
I promise, my love will never fade,
my love for you will always be true.

Every time you think of something,
I hope you can feel my love there.
coz' in all the things that I do,
I've exactly the same feeling here.

I wish I could show you how it feels,
I long every second to be with you.
I feel so lonely during the nights,
It's so hard to live without you.

I wish for the day you'll be mine,
when no one can take you way.
My lips worship the God above,
and my hands are joined in his pray.

I wish I could fly to your place,
even if I could see you for just an hour.
I wish I could hold you in my arms,
If somehow, God grants me that power

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