Posters on Theme "Corruption free India"

A poster making event on theme "Corruption free India" is being conducted by students of International Management Institute(IMI,Delhi). The idea behind the event is to capture the imagination of the youth against the rampant corruption. We salutes the spirit of these youngsters and congratulates them for their effort.

Please do note that some of the posters used on this page are created by "Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB)"

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  1. theeeeeeeeeeeee best poster vs d gandien law. al vr vry good thnks fr desseeeeeee vndrfllll pstrss....................

  2. lv it............. d bst vs gandien lawww luv al d pstrs thnks fr dese vndrfl pstrssssssss......

  3. Its time for politicians to realize that they cannot further loot India. Thanks to Kejriwal and Anna, people of Indian are awake now.


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