Presents for Teacher

On the last day of kindergarden,all the children

 Bought presents for their teacher.The florist's son

 Handed the teacher a gift.She shook it,held it up and said,

 "I bet I know what it is-its some flower !"

 "That's right !"shouted the little boy.

 Then the candy store owner's daughter handed the teacher

 A gift she held it up,shook it and said,

 "I bet I know what it is --it's a box of candy !"

 "That's right !"shouted the little girl.

 The next gift was from liquor store owner's son.The teacher,

 Held it up and saw that it was leaking.She touched a drop

 With her finger and tasted it.

 "Is it wine ?"she asked.

 "No,"the boy answered.

 The teacher touched another drop to her tongue.

 "Is it champagne ?" she asked.

 "No,"the boy answered.

 Finally,the teacher said,

 "I give up,what is it ?"

 The boy replied,
 "A puppy." 


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