The Choice is MINE ......!!

I welcome each new day, mine to use, to fill,
to live as I see fit.  How it unfolds is up to me.

 I can be miserable, or I can have a great day.

I can doubt, or I can have Faith.

I can feel depressed, or I can express the Joy
that is inherent in me.

I can fear, or I can trust - myself, others or God.

I can complain about aches and pains or I can affirm
 God's perfect gift of life within me.

I can dwell on loss, or I can seek new interests,
 new life in living.

I can criticize others, or I can accept and bless them
 and enjoy happy and harmonious relationships.

I can Harbour old grudges, or I can forgive.

I can speak of lack, or I can affirm God's never
 failing supply.

I can give up, or I can make a fresh start.

I can go it alone, or I can depend on God.

"Choose this day
Whom you will serve"

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