Muhammad bin Qasim

Muhammad bin Qasim

He was born in 695 AD, Muhammad bin Qasim's father was Qasim bin Yusuf who died when Muhammad bin Qasim was young, leaving his mother in charge of his education. He was born in the city of Taif (in modern day Saudi Arabia). At the age of 17, he began the conquest of the Sindh and Punjab regions along the Indus River (now a part of Pakistan). Qasim's conquest of Sindh and Punjab laid the foundations of Islamic rule in the Indian subcontinent. Muhammad bin Qasim married his cousin Zubaidah, shortly before going to Sindh. Muhammad bin Qasim had a son named Umro bin Muhammad. He was 20 years old when he was killed by his own Caliph in 705 AD.

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