Watch for wife and take out your Girlfriend

Wife vs Girlfriend - Good One
Always remember the last bit of this mail.....

Wife is like a TV
Girlfriend is like a Mobile.

At home u watch TV
but when u go out u take ur Mobile.

no money, u keep ur old TV
got money, u change ur Mobile.

sometimes u enjoy TV
but most of the time u play with ur Mobile.

TV is free for life
but for the Mobile, if u dont pay, services will be terminated .

TV is big and bulky
Mobile is cute, slim, curvy and very portable .

operational costs for TV is minimal
but for the Mobile it is often high and demanding .

most importantly, Mobile is a two-way communication ( u talk and listen )
but with the TV you must only listen (whether you like it or not)

but remember.....
TV's dont have viruses
but Mobiles often do!

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