The 10 highest-paid celebrities under 30

Taylor Swift, 22, tops the list earning $57 million in the past year. Justin Bieber, 18, landed in second place with reported earnings of $55 million, and Rihanna, 24, earned $52 million in third place. 

 Taylor Swift, at just 22 - earned $57 million in the last year.
Twenty-six year-old Robert Pattinson earned $26.5 million.
 Eighteen year-old Justin Bieber earned $55 million. 
 Twenty-four year-old Rihanna earned $53 million.
 Twenty-six year old Lady Gaga earned $52 million.
 Twenty-seven year old Katy Perry earned $45 million.
 Twenty-four year-old Adele earned $35 million.
 Twenty-two year old Kristen Stewart earned $34.5 million.
 Twenty-nine year-old Lil Wayne earned $27 million
Twenty year-old Taylor Lautner earned $26.5 million.

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