Think and Act

Think and Act

"When every physical and mental resource is focused, one's power to solve a problem multiplies tremendously." --Norman Vincent Peale

We see 3 categories of people we see around;

1. Who work all day (act),

2. Who dream all the day (think),

3. Who spend an hour dreaming before setting to work to fulfill those

dreams (think & act).

Choose to be in the third category because there's virtually no competition.

Identify role and responsibility: First understand your role and the

responsibility that comes with it. In job or business or relationship,

we all have to 'perform' to produce the desired out come. Most people

are not sure why exactly they exist in the organization/family or

relationship. So ask yourself, why you exist (wherever you exist) and

why are you paid (professionally) or rewarded (personally)? This is

one of the most important questions you ever ask and answer, over and

over again, throughout your life or career.

Define and Analyze Your Key Result Areas: A key result area is defined

as something for which you are completely responsible. This means that

if you don't do it, it doesn't get done. A key result area is an

activity that is under your control. It is an output of your work that

becomes an input or a contributing factor to the work of others.

Analyze: Insight about limiting factors: Your weakest key result area

sets the height at which you can use all your other skills and

abilities. For example - you could be exceptional in 4 out of 7 key

result areas but really poor in the 5th. Meaning 5th area may hold you

back and act as a drag on your effectiveness, lead to friction and


Find out what is required: So ask your self, what is the core,

essential & desired knowledge/skills required for your results? Where

you are strong and where you are weak? Where you are getting excellent

results and where are you underperforming?

Decide To Become Excellent: The fact is that everybody has both

strengths and weaknesses. Refuse to rationalize, justify or defend

your areas of weakness. Instead, identify them clearly. Work on it.

Just think -- You may be only one critical skill away from top


Let’s get started - understand, identify, define, decide, monitor &

measure outcomes of your 'key result areas'. First prove; then

constantly improve.

Please click yourself!

Make it a great life ahead!

Life can change at any moment, you can change it now!

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