Famous quotes of Late Shri Dhiru Bhai Ambani

From the very beginning Dhirubhai was seen with high regards. His success in the petro-chemical business and his story of rags to riches made him a cult figure in the minds of Indian people. He was also a great motivator. He gave few public speeches but the words he spoke are still remembered for their value.

• " With the force of 3 million investors RIL will reap the title "World's Biggest Company"."
• "Tax is for the poor or the stupid people."
• "I am deaf to the word "no"."
• "Growth has no limit at Reliance. I keep revising my vision. Only when you dream it you can do it."
• "Think big, think fast, think ahead. Ideas are no one's monopoly"
• "Our dreams have to be bigger. Our ambitions higher. Our commitment deeper. And our efforts greater. This is my dream for Reliance and for India ."
• "You do not require an invitation to make profits."
• "If you work with determination and with perfection, success will follow."
• "Pursue your goals even in the face of difficulties, and convert adversitiesinto opportunities."
• "Give the youth a proper environment. Motivate them. Extend them the support they need. Each one of them has infinite source of energy. They will deliver."
• "Between my past, the present and the future, there is one common factor: Relationship and Trust. This is the foundation of our growth"
• "We bet on people."
• "Meeting the deadlines is not good enough, beating the deadlines is my expectation."
• "Don't give up, courage is my conviction."
• "We cannot change our Rulers, but we can change the way they Rule Us."
• "Dhirubhai will go one day. But Reliance's employees and shareholders will keep it afloat. Reliance is now a concept in which the Ambanis have become irrelevant."

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