Go for Records, not just Gold Medals!

By: Ian Faria:

What would you do differently, if you knew that none of us... will not use even 1% of our intelligence... in a lifetime? The first time I came across this statistic, I was stunned... how could it be possible... that we could achieve as much as we have.... by using less than a percent of our intelligence??? More interestingly... what could we achieve... by using just one percent more? We would be like Einstein... or may be even greater?

The point I am driving is... that we have huge untapped resources, and the first thing to do is to set bigger goals... or dream bigger dreams. I have been working with people through training and coaching, and I am often quite surprised how people are not able to see what they are capable of. Many times, I have to set the bar... much higher than they were willing to go... and when they achieve it... they feel... WOOW!... that was easy! After Nicole reached the pinnacle of the Miss India.... she too knows that this is only the starting point for the next big journey. The important lesson to take is ... she played for TOP 

POSITION... she had already set her sights on the MISS WORLD CROWN... that is the reason I had advised her to not participate in last year’s contest. The field was a lot more open last year... but the question I had posed to her was... You can win the Miss India, but are you ready to win the Miss Universe? (Last year this contest was a part of the PFMI). Her answer was... I don’t think so... so she dropped out.... and made up her mind to get ready for the PFMI 2010. In the end... she got the second place... from the judges... but in her mind... she has accepted it as a part of the terrain... and she has put that aside... as she prepares for the gruelling Miss Earth pageant. A new mountain to climb... and she will do well in this one too...

So my challenge to YOU is... how high will you set your bar? Remember... you have nothing to lose... set the bar 50% higher than what you first thought was achievable... and keep this in mind...

Extraordinary goals will stretch your Imagination, test your abilities, and forge new relationships. Anything less.... is ordinary.

Since each of us carries extraordinary capabilities... has extraordinary intelligence... and has already done extraordinary things... let’s not lower the standard... but instead... lets shoot for the stars... and soon we will create records that others will try to reach.


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