Make it happen - Priyanka Chopra's column in HT today!!

We all have dreams. No matter who you are and where you have come from, you have a dream. It could be for your job, your life, marriage, home, car, etc. there is always something that we dream about. But what I find most amazing is what little effort we make to turn our dreams into reality.

I have come to realise that it is human tendency to find 15 reasons why things can’t work, rather than look at finding the one way to make it work. Over the years, through various interactions I have had with people via one-to-one chats, emails and now via social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the most common question that has been put to me has always been, “How did you do it and what do I do to make it happen for me?” Different people had different dreams and they were sitting there, waiting for that one big opportunity to come or that one person to appear to make those dreams come true.

That, in my opinion, is where the problem lies. Speaking from my own experience, if I just sat by, waiting for things to unfold, I wouldn’t have been where I am today. Yes, I did have some key opportunities that opened the doors for me, but if I just sat by, nothing would have happened. I am a firm believer that opportunity knocks on everyone’s door. It is important to recognise the knock, open the door, invite the opportunity in to your life but what is most critical is how you take it forward.

First and foremost, you need to make the decision of what you want to do. Spend some time to research it and see if it’s really something you want to do. Then start making plans on how you can achieve your dream. Remember, nothing comes easy. On the path to success, you WILL face failure and you have to be prepared for that so that you will have the courage to carry on regardless. The most important factor in all of this, is hard work. There is no replacement for it and it always, always yields results.

I can hear the thoughts running through your head right now... “what about luck? Some people are just so lucky!” I do agree that some people are luckier than others, but it’s never a driving factor. A key factor in making dreams come true is the human will. I have learnt that if you put your mind to something, there is nothing that can stop you. So my advice to you all you dreamers... stop thinking and dreaming... step out and fight to make it a reality... You will never regret it!

Priyanka Chopra

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