We can do it too - Priyanka Chopra's column in HT today!!

Under the cover of darkness, when the world is asleep, I sometimes sneak out of my house (always with a girlfriend in tow) to discover the smaller ‘pleasures’ of life. Helmets on, we zip through the bylanes of suburban Mumbai enjoying these secret, somewhat forbidden moments. Hey... Why should boys have all the fun?

I was reminded of these really fun moments a few days ago as I prepared to shoot for a new commercial for the Hero Honda Pleasure, a brand that I endorse! A long car drive transported me from the calm surroundings and wonderful weather of Coorg to the bustling Bangalore city which welcomed me with open arms and a short burst of rain. I was excited, as I always am, to shoot for commercials. They are in many ways like mini movies, which tell a story in 60 seconds or less! The previous commercials for the ‘Pleasure’ were so much fun to shoot... anybody remember Manjeet, the ‘silly village girl’ who got the better of the ‘foreign returned’ boy? I had tons of fun zipping down the fields in Punjab shooting for that ad!

I must confess that I don’t get to be on one often enough and those late night rides are few and far between, but I can tell you, a bike ride is like an instant cup of happiness for me. While on the sets for the ad, my team and I had a very interesting discussion on the whole concept of ‘why should boys have all the fun?’ which is the tagline for this brand.

It really is amazing how all the girls had so many stories of those defiant moments when they did all these crazy things that seem to say to the boys, ‘If you can do... so can we’. Some of the stories had me rolling on the floor with the laughter, while others shocked me by the kind of risks that these girls took. I don’t know what it is, but the whole Mars vs Venus battle of the sexes can sometimes lead us to do really stupid things... fun, yes, but not always the smartest things to do.

I’d love to hear some of your ‘Why should boys have all the fun?’ stories. I’m fairly certain you girls have tons to share. In the meanwhile, I’m off to check out my latest acquisition... a sparkling red lil beauty called the Pleasure... a gift from my friends at Hero Honda. Hey, haven’t you heard? Girls just wanna have fun.

Priyanka Chopra

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