Never make false Assumptions

Two cars were being driven fast and in opposite directions along a winding country lane. It was late summer and the hedgerows on either side were lush and high, making it impossible to see around the corners. It was hot, so both drivers had their windows wound down. Their minds were focused on the road ahead and on their respective destinations. And as it happened, one of the drivers was a man and the other was a woman.

They approached the final bend at speed, only just managing to see one another in time. They stood on their brakes and barely managed to slide past each other without scraping any paintwork.

As they did so, the woman turned to the man, and through the open window she shouted: "PIG!"

Quick as a flash he replied: "COW!"

He accelerated around the corner .... and crashed headlong into a pig.


This a story that was shared for a workshop in one of US universities for the Psychology department students. This is to explain instances where people make false assumptions of moments we face in life.

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