The new lifestyle problems - Priyanka Chopra's column in HT today!!

We live in a world where change is a major player! And that change is rapid. It’s happening in and around us and makes life equally interesting and challenging. I have, over the past couple of months, noticed many interesting things that have arisen from this continuous change and some of it is definitely worth sharing. So here is the first of it... 2010’s list of Top 5 lifestyle diseases:

1. Mobile-ites — A disease that has inflicted a large majority of the human population across all ages. The symptoms are fairly evident... constantly looking at phone, the itch to dial and to text... it’s endless.

2. Twitter-ia / Social, status OCD — This is a double whammy. A virus that is spreading very fast... originally internationally... but something that we, here in India, are definitely not immune to! This virus-cum-OCD takes over the brain completely and does not allow you to do anything unless you tweet about it or you obsessively and compulsively update your status across all social networking platforms on a minute to minute basis. Woke up... had coffee... driving... it’s raining... fought with boyfriend and then the cab driver... crying... dying and whining. Pls RT!

3. Seasonally sporty — As with the 4 seasons that bring their own brand of illnesses, the various sports today create seasonal illnesses that not only afflict the male but also some percentage of the female population. We just finished with the IPL viral and now it’s FIFA fever.

4. Beverage-a-holic — I can’t start my day without my “Caramel Macchiato with a double shot of espresso, decaf, with soy milk, extra foam and no sugar”! I also can’t make it through the day without two litres of special packaged Vitamin water! Let’s not forget the Monkey Leaf tea (tea leaves picked only by monkey’s in the highest regions of the Himalayas), energy plus plus drinks, diet versions of all beverages and the long list of healthy alternatives to everything mentioned above. We love our beverages and how!

5. Stress — Sounds simple enough but there seems to be only one solution. Because we work so hard we need a holiday... not just any kind of holiday but an extreme one... which will either see you bungee jump off a cliff or just vegetate on the couch the whole day. Extreme options for extreme situations.

From the Click, upload, share and beware virus to the Spa-choo, my list is endless...but as always the space given to me isn’t. I welcome your feedback and any additions you would like to make to this list. Until we meet again, Twitter awaits as I sip on my smart water, while gearing up to watch the World Cup quarter-finals and inviting my friends over sms to join me!

Priyanka Chopra

July 2, 2010

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