SMS Collection

1.Evrythin is fair in luv & war- but i sugest yu 2 do war, but nvr love-
coz in war, either yu live or die, but in luv, neither yu live nor yu die-

2.Alphabet 'O' stands fOr 'OppOrtunity' which is absent in yesterday, available in t'O'day and thrice in t'O'm'O'rr'O'w
Never lOse hOpe!-

3.Classic thOught Of the day-
"DOn't trust yur heart because it's nOt On the right side-!" :-p
4.Which is the mOst pOwerful three wOrds Other than 'i lOve yOu'?

5.An alcOhOlic dude fell 4m d 1st flOOr!
ppl gatherd arOund & asked him, "wht happend sir?"
he said, "i dOnt knOw, i alsO came just nOw"!:-D

6.A true quOte-
lOnelyness teaches me everything in this wOrld-except hOw tO fOrget the persOn whO made me lOnely-:-(

NOthing Can Be Changed By- ''Changing the Face'' But Everything Can Be Changed By-"Facing the Change"-:-)

8.An anti-valentine MSG:
yu r d Only One whO can better handle yur heart dan any1 else-
sO dOnt give it tO any1 & cOmplain dat dey r hurting yu-!

9.When ever i see her i hate her,
but whenever i see other couples,i really miss her..!!

10.If u wanna know hw much I miss u,
Try 2 catch rain drops,
The ones u catch is hw much u miss me,and the ones you miss is hw much I miss
Hapy vlntine

11.Treasure every mOment that yu have- yesterday is histOry- tOmOrrOw is mystery- tOday is a gift- that's why it's called the present- :-)

12.yu r a part Of a puzzle of sOmOne else's life-
yu may nvr knOw whr yu fit but remembr dat sOmOne else's life may nvr b cOmplte w/Out yu in it-

13.Cute One-
"Believe in GOd, like yu believe in the sun, nOt because yu can see it, but yu can see everything because Of it"- :-)

14.Dont compare yourself with anyone in this world.If you do so,u're insulting ur self.
-Alen Strike

15.If you win u need not explain...
but if u loose u should not be there to explain
-Adolph Hitler

16.When cOuld be India's biggest cOnfusiOn day???
when RAKSHA BANDHAN cOmes On 14th FEB- :-D

17.An old mans T-SHIRT Quote read:
I am not 70;
I am 16 with 54 years of experience!
Thats attitude...
Think positive!
Over Come Problems..

18.Height Of reasOning:
I'm nOt scared Of prOpOsing a gal,
but i'm scared abt:
wat wOuld happen if she agrees!:-P

19.A beautiful quOte:
"dOn't wOrry if Others dO nOt understand yu..
wOrry Only if yu can't understand yurself"
-Live yur life &lOve yur life!

20."U Must Not Fight Too Often With Your Enemy Or Else U Wil Teach Him All Your Tricks Of War"! -Napolean.

21.Every problem has (n+1) solutions,
where "n" is d no. of solutions dat u hav tried & "1" is dat u hav not tried.
Dats life. :)

22.Yu KnOw wat makes me happy wen yu MSG me?
NOt ur jOkes Or Sweet MSGS Bt ur NAME dat APPEARS On d Cel, wen it beeps knOwing dat U remembr me!:-)

23.Why is the bOOk 'WOmen whO lOve tOO much' a disappOintment fOr many men?
Because nO phOne numbers are available in that..! :-P

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