Come Walk With Me She Whispered .....!!

Come Walk With Me She Whispered .....!!

Come walk with me she whispered
He stepped into her view
The light was glowing on them
She said I'm here for you

He held her to him closely
Upon his chest herface
She felt his love so warmly
What magic in this place

He tilted up her chin
His smile so gentlywarm
Said to her my darling
I've waited oh so long

Kissed her very sweetly
Her heart wasbeating fast
So tightly held each other
He found the pathat last

The light above was shining
She said come dancewith me
Theyheld on to each other
Their souls in harmony

When the dance was finished
He looked at herand cried
Their eyes upon each other
The tears will nowsubside

She smiled at him so shyly
Her eyes cast tothe ground
He picked her up and held her
Then slowly turned around

Disappeared like soft mist
Like clouds justdrifting by
Heavens glowed with diamonds
Two souls in lovenow fly.

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