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Do u knw d diffrnce between infatuation n love?
In a race, infatuation starts early,

pushes love aside n hopes to win.
Whereas love patiently n honestly moves ahead.

Infatuation gets tired early
n dies on the way bt love survives

n covers the distance called life!


Take it light ji,
miss me might ji,

never do fight ji,
have fun slight ji,

eat good diet ji,
try flying a kite ji,

B always happy RIGHT ji!



LUV is when 2 people
touch each other's soul.

LUV is honesty n trust.
LUV is helping one another.

LUV is mutual respect.
LUV means that differences

can b worked out.
LUV is reaching ur dreams 2gether.

I wish u all fall in luv once.:-)


Ek muskan tu muhje ek baar de de
khwab mein hi  sahi ek deedar de de.

Bas ek baar kar le tu aane ka wada
phir Umar Bhar ka chahe intezar de de.


When u want to enjoy life
think today as ur life's FIRST day.

When u want to achieve something in life
think today as ur life's LAST day.


Fresh flowers are waiting to disturb u
Hot coffe waiting to taste ur lips

Sun, birds, cool air - all r looking
at ur window to say u Good morning

Have nice day.


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