Safety first! Top tips for a secure PC

Keep your computer happy and healthy
Computers are great tools, but like it or not surfing the web, downloading files and using e-mail can put your PC at risk. If you're nervous, you need not be. We've got the tools to help.
To avoid potential security concerns, guard against losing important documents and ensure your computer runs at its best, we've compiled 11 articles that will help you take better care of your PC. Since you use your computer all the time, wouldn't you like it to perform as well as it possibly can?

1. What's a firewall?
 A firewall helps guard your PC against hackers and some computer viruses that try to reach your computer when it's connected to the Internet. This article will help you understand why you need a firewall.

2. Keep your PC virus-free
A computer with a virus becomes a slow, unhappy computer. Find out how to ensure your PC stays happy and healthy with a look at the latest in antivirus protection.

3. The ins and outs of installing antivirus software
You know you need it, but how do you get it? This article will show you how to find and install the best protection for your PC.

4. Don't get hooked by e-mail scams
Learn to distinguish between legitimate e-mail and those that just appear as if they're from a trusted source. The more you know, the less likely you'll be to give out sensitive information to someone who shouldn't have it.

5. Secure your computer with simple tips
Staying on top of computer security may seem daunting, but there are many small things you can do to ensure your PC stays in tip-top shape.

6. Shop safely on the Web
Online shopping has its perks speed and convenience to name two but there are risks. Know what to look out for with these simple tips.

7. Back up your computer files
Misplacing a lip gloss or remote control is bad enough. Losing an important document can be devastating. Learn the ins and outs of backing up your files to avoid potential frustration.

8. Protect and purge your personal files
We keep a lot of important information on our PCs. Learn how to protect your personal documents and get rid of them when it's time to buy a new computer.

9. Click with caution be careful where you surf
Kids love using the computer as much as adults, but we can't always be there to monitor them. Keep your children and your PC safe and secure with parental controls.

10. Protect with parental controls how to safeguard your computer
Choose Security from the first drop-down menu and easily find answers to all your commonly asked questions about viruses, phishing scams and avoiding spam.

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