The Language of Roses

  The Language of Roses
Different colors and combination of colors can mean different things. The number of roses can have meaning, as well.

Meaning of Color

Rose, Black You are my obsession, Death, Change, Rebirth
Rose, Blue - Unattainable, Mystery
Rose, Cream You are tender and loving, Charm
Rose, Lavender - Love at first sight, enchantment
Rose, Orange You are my secret love, Passion
Rose, Peach - Gratitude
Rose, Pale Pink - Grace, joy, gentility and gratitude
Rose, Dark Pink - Thankfulness, sympathy
Rose, Pink Perfect happiness, grace
Rose, Yellow Friendship; Joy; (In Victorian Times Jealousy)
Rose, Yellow with Red Tips - Friendship turning to love
Rose, Red Passionate love; I love you
Rose, Red & Withered - I would rather die, Our love is over
Rose, Burgandy - You are more beautiful than you know
Red Rosebud - Symbol of Purity and Loveliness
White Rosebud - Girlhood, Youth
Rose, White I am worthy of you; spiritual love; Innocence and Purity; Secrecy and Silence
Rose, White and Red We are inseparable
Rose, White and Red Mixed Unity
Rose, White, Dried Death is preferable to loss of virtue
Rose, Yellow Friendship; Joy; (In Victorian Times Jealosy)
Roses, Yellow and White Mixed - Harmony
Roses, Yellow and Red Mixed - Hapiness
Roses, Yellow and Orange Mixed - Passionate Thoughts
Meaning of Number or Arrangement

Single bloom red Rose Love at first sight or I still love you
Single Rose, any color Gratitude or simplicity
Single Thornless Rose - Love at First Sight
2  Red Roses Entwined - Proposal of Marriage
2 Roses Mutual feelings
3 Roses I love you
7 Roses I'm infatuated with you
9 Roses We'll be together forever
10 Roses You are perfect
11 Roses You are my treasured one
12 Roses Be mine
13 Roses Friends forever
15 Roses I'm truly sorry
20 Roses I'm truly sincere towards you
21 Roses I'm dedicated to you
24 Roses Forever yours
25 Roses Congratulations
50 Roses Unconditional love
99 Roses I will love you all the days of my life
108 Roses Will you marry me?
999 Roses I love you till the end of time
Bouquet of Mature Blooms Gratitude
Musk Cluster - Charming
Garland or Crown - Reward of Merit  or Virtue

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