The Mountain

I looked and saw a mountain,
Could not see the peak,
I thought I'd try and climb it,
For a way up I would seek.

As I gazed upon this mountain,
And planned my climb to go,
My enthusiasm began to waver,
Could I make it, yes or no?

Sat there for a while longer,
Afraid to start the climb,
My body said to try it,
But stay was in my mind.

I now had such a conflict,
One which I did not need,
Which of my mind or body,
Should I at that time heed?

Should I listen to my body?
Which said, I'm strong enough,
Once we start the climbing,
It will not be that tough.

Or should I stand and listen?
To thoughts within my mind,
What happens if you fail?
And fall so far behind.

Just gazing at that mountain,
I knew what I must do,
Must get my mind and body,
Thinking as one, not two.

I decided at that moment,
There was not time to waste,
Had to make a great decision,
And proceed with utmost haste.

Should I decide to climb that mountain,
I surely then must chase,
My way directly to the top,
Beginning at the base.

Or should I instead take option?
To stay on level ground,
I still had to reach the other side,
By simply going around.

I could not stand just stagnant,
Not knowing where to go,
So I prayed for just a moment,
For Allah the way to show.

I then made my decision,
On which route I would tread,
I used neither thoughts of body,
Nor thoughts within my head.

Instead I simply chose,
To do what seemed so right,
And strode into the distance,
Towards whatever was my plight.

Then as I took my first steps,
It no longer seemed so clear,
For that mountain I had been watching,
Just seemed to disappear.
I did not stop my striding,

Although confusion was so rife,
Then suddenly became so clear,
That mountain was my life.

I could stop still no longer,
Simply wondering what to do,
For longer that I waited,
The more that mountain grew.

Yes, our lives are just like mountains,
We can no longer hide,
When the climbing gets a little tough,
Just ask Allah to guide.

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