0ne parachute

In a plane that's about to crash, there are three passengers: the wisest man on earth, a student, and a politician.

When they find out that the plane is about to go down and there is only one parachute between the three of them they debate about who would sacrifice his life for the country and who will jump to safety.

The politician says he's responsible for running the country, so of course, he should be the one to jump.

The wise man says he's got to serve mankind, so he should be the one who jumps.

The student says he is the future, and he should be the recipient of the parachute.

As the kid speaks, the wise man grabs the bag and leaps wildly out of the plane.

The politician is astounded, but the student remains calm.

"Why are you so calm? We're both about to die!" exclaims the politician.

The student replies, "Well wisdom just leapt out with my school bag, so the future can hang on to politics and feel safe."

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