Nothing Wrong

There is nothing wrong. There is simply what is, and what you 
Choose to make of it.

If you spend all your energy on judgment, there's no energy
Left for progress. And judgment doesn't pay the bills.

You have the opportunity to create something beautiful. It
Starts with accepting and valuing what already is.

Life's energy comes to you, and you can do with it whatever
You please. Very little of what comes your way is under your
Control before it gets to you, but every bit of what you do
With it is yours to decide.

Instead of fighting battles that are already over, simply
Accept that things are as they are. Then look closely with a
Positive purpose, and you'll find plenty of opportunities
For creating meaningful value.

Life is bringing you amazing possibilities right now. Let
Them come, let them be, and find joy in making the very best
Of them.

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