Creative Energy

Worry is a misuse of your amazing creative energy. Think of
What would happen if instead of wasting it on worry, you
Used all that creative energy to imagine positive outcomes
In your life.

There is no limit to what you can imagine, and there are no
Restrictions on the kinds of things you can imagine. Your
Imagination is filled with precisely the things you choose
To imagine.

If you have nothing better to imagine, it can be much too
Easy to imagine all sorts of disastrous scenarios. But it
Doesn't have to be that way.

With just a little bit of initiative you can plant positive
And empowering seeds in your imagination. And in the fertile
Realm of your powerful imagination, those seeds will grow
Ever stronger in their beneficial influence.

Even a negative experience can set off a positive chain of
Thoughts in your imagination, when you so choose. It's
Really just as easy and realistic to imagine solving a
Problem as it is to worry about being overwhelmed by that

When you feel worry coming on, always remember that you have
Another choice. As long as you're imagining elaborate
Scenarios, you might as well imagine the very best.

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