Family planning...

God decided to encourage people to have less children and introduced an award scheme.
During the procedure at one point, He concentrated on learning about the situation in India.
He first met Jawaharlal Nehru in heaven, and asked him how many children he had during his time on earth.
Nehru replied: "Only one."

Happy with the relatively good family planning adopted, God awarded Nehru with a Celestial Rolls Royce.
Indira Gandhi was next. God asked the same question. She replied: "I had two children."
God thought: "Not too bad." So he gave Indira a BMW.

Sometime later, both Nehru and Indira were going around in their new cars.
They saw Mahatma Gandhi on foot.
Wondering what went wrong, they asked why God hadn’t been merciful with him.
The Mahatma replied in disgust: "God did not even ask me.Some idiots told him that I was the Father of the nation."

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