Stop Worrying

Stop worrying about what you don't have and start finding real joy in what you do have.
Stop agonizing over what might happen and start moving toward the best of what can happen.

All the richness of life is here today for you to touch.
The limitless abundance of the universe is yours right now to experience.
Any shortcomings you come across are mostly a product of the perspective you choose.
Expand your perspective and the shortcomings disappear.

Stop being afraid to fail and you'll start to consistently and spectacularly succeed.
To climb the highest peak you must be willing to occasionally slide backwards.

Stop being your own worst enemy and start acting true to the deepest purpose within you.
There is so much wisdom you already possess that you can use when you choose to listen to your own best advice.

Stop merely going through the motions and start living each moment with joy and meaning.
Discover and fulfill the golden treasure that is your life.

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