success is like UR own shadow..
if you try to to catch it U will never succeed..
Ignore it & walk on, it will follow U..

share the winning experience with youngsters as they can follow U..
Share the losing experience with elders as they can guide you..

whatever b the situation, if there is a fire in the belly,
nothing seems impossible..

UR own value is determined not bu what U R ,..
But by what U R able to make of UR self..

Earnest & constant seeking does yield results even in the most unlikely situations,
from the most unlikely individuals..

U will never reach UR destination
If U stop and throw stones,At every dog that barks..

Its easy to spend the most time on things that matter least..
Make time for the most important things in life : People..

Look for the inner beauty of the people,
the touch of The DIVINE..

Target must be simple & challenge able
Thoughts must be Pure & positive,
which makes always the life meaningful & beautiful..

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