A Bird's Vanity

This is the incredible moment a beautiful Nuthatch is caught admiring its own reflection using a pool of still water - as a mirror.

Photographer Mark Hancox waited for a month in a specially built hide just yards from the pool for the opportunity to get the perfect shot.

He snapped the bird as it balanced upside down on a rusty hook just millimetres above the pond at a private woodland in Hanbury, Worcestershire.

Mr Hancox, 48, of nearby Hartlebury, said: 'I had seen the Nuthatches foraging around in the area for a while and wanted to get a shot of one of them perching on something.

'They are distinctive because they are the only British bird to climb down trees head first and I wanted to capture this somehow.

'One of the birds flew onto a hook above a pool of completely still water and just bent forward.

'I thought it was going to take a drink of water but it remained completely still, almost transfixed, by its own reflection before it broke the surface of the water with its beak.'

The Nuthatch is often confused with Kingfishers because of their distinctive colouring but they are actually from the Woodpecker family.

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