Oh ...... I Miss You!!

I know if you could hear me you would
Say there are always two sides of a story
You're so right, here's mine
I cannot live without you

Love was never easy,
But leaving you was hard,
And time didn't heal my wounds at all
I wonder, if you know what I'm going through
All the lonely times that we're apart

Its always very hard to leave a friend or say
Its a bitter reality of life that people doesnt always
live together even if they want to...
we have to leave our dear friends n live without them.
Our heart always long for the good company of our dearones
bt everyone is not lucky enough to spend journey
of life with the people he/she wants to..
Life goes on..time doesnt stop for anyone
But loved ones always remain in our heart n in our
Missing someone hurts badly..thats true.

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