Real meaning of 10 political statement!!!

Real meaning of 10 sentences our politicians say (in fact all of us are fed up, but can’t help except hearing it again and again) :-
1- Law will take its own course. –
    Real Meaning- I have power to change the course of law
2- I have full faith in judiciary. –
    Real Meaning- I have faith that I can influence the final judgment.
3- I am ready to face any enquiry.-
    Real Meaning- The agency which will conduct the enquiry will be reporting to me, so what is the harm in enquiry?
4- This charge on me is politically motivated. –
    Real Meaning- This was my privilege to do this as an Indian Neta (may be illegal), how can anyone question it?
5- I am being targeted as I am a fighter of minority cause (could be Muslim, dalit, backward etc.). –
    Real Meaning- I have the ability to fool one section of society so I have full right to take advantage of that!!
6- We are closely watching the situation. –
     Real Meaning- We have no Idea what is happening over there!!
7- It is our party which has brought this development.-
    Real meaning- We earned the major loot in tender, purchase and procurement!!
8- It is our party which takes action against corrupts.-
    Real Meaning- We tried to save the culprit till very end but had to succumb to court and media pressure so why not take the credit as well!!
9- My son (or relative) is paying the price of being related to me. –
    Real Meaning- When I allotted land/ contract/ tender to Pvt party, do you think it was free of cost… you fools, he had to pay the kickbacks to someone.. and who else then my son is more worthy for this!!!
10- I accept the verdict of people and will do the job of responsible opposition. –
      Real Meaning- We were not as good as other party in distributing Daru, freebies, money to voters.. so what else but to sit in opposition!!
By- Rajeev Tewari

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