Remember the simple pleasures of life

Listen to your favorite music every day.
Always have flowers on the table.
On the weekends, take off your watch and forget about the time.
Take a nap.
Each week bake some cookies, bread, or pie. Try even if you've never done so before.
Surprise a loved-one or friend with an unexpected gift.
Put an inspirational quote somewhere where you can see it everyday.
Never miss an opportunity to have fun.
Never miss a parade.
Buy a box of crayons and color some pictures with a child.
Read a child a story.
Give people plenty of well-deserved compliments.
Try to save a quarter every day. You'll be surprised about how much you'll save within a short time. Spend it on a rainy day.
Keep a journal where you can explore your thoughts and feelings.
Give someone special a kiss and hug.
Call three friends and plan to get together with them.
Get out the camera and take some silly photos of yourself and a friend. Don't be afraid to dress up.
Go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.
Buy a gift for a child.
Go to the pet store and play with the kittens and puppies.
Read your favorite love poem and escape to romantic dreams.
Buy a book and some fresh flowers.
Visit a museum or art gallery.
Do something different.
Never forget that miracles happen every day.
Think something positive about yourself every day.
Think something positive about the other people in your life every day

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