Hold me like i am the last person
you want in your arms.
kiss me like it is gonna be the
last kiss your ever going to taste.
Hug me Like you want me forever.
But most of all....

Love me like i am the one you always dreamed of.

ThE OnLy WaY tO gEt OvEr HiM
iS tO qUiT gOiNg BaCk To HiM...

ya know what i miss the most about him?...
the smell of his cologne.
the way he looked into my eyes.
his sweet voice.
when he would hold me in his arms.
when he would call me just to talk.
the way he would tell me any thing.
when he said that he would never leave me.
when he was there.

I could hold you in my arms forever
and that still wouldn't have been long enough.

If a thousand people love you,
I am in that thousand.
If a hundred people love you,
I am in that hundred.
If ten people love you
I am in that ten.
If only one person loves you,
thats me.

When your thoughts wander to that
special person all day for a month,
when you don't want to be
anywhere else than in their arms,
when your heart skips a beat
everytime you see them,
then, my friend, you are in love.

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