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Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The sign that you are in love is when you start searching for cheapest mobile plan.


The difference between the young age and old age is when all your Darling's phone numbers have been replaced with Doctor's phone numbers,


In the Young age you feel you have infinite life ahead of you and In the old age you start seeing the end this infinite life.


The popularity of facebook is exploited on the principle that people are always more interested in other people's life than their own.


22 is Twenty Two,
33 is Thirty Three,
44 iss Forty Four,
55 as Fifty Five,
Then why not
11 as Tenty one


The purpose of mutually wearing bride and groom each other a garland is "Darling you are dead at my hand"
A guy who was married to one of the twin sisters was asked "You are married to one of the twin sisters how do you recognize your wife."
The guy answered, "You are right you don't, have fun"

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