Thursday, September 22, 2011

Reddy Brothers of Bellary (Karnataka)

 Its estimated that the Rs. 5,00,00,00,00,000 (50,000 crores) of natural resources are looted by the Reddy brothers of Bellary; in just 3 years the illegally mined resources were (illegally) exported to China and Pakistan

All 3 brothers are ministers in current BJP Government of Karnataka
They sleep and sit on gold beds and chairs worth 45 crores.

Diamond Crown worth 100 crores in their Living room
40 crores gold Crown for Lord Tirupati by Reddy brothers. Janardhana Reddy donated a diamond-studded crown worth over Rs 40 crore to Tirupati, and has another at his residence in Bellary. This is the costliest donation offered to Lord Venkateswara ever.

CBI finds gold spoons and entire dinner set worth over 5 crores.

There house in Bellary worth 120 crores
Owns 5 helicopters and planes; the Reddy brothers would heli-hop between Bellary and Bangalore even for lunch or dinner
A number of luxury cars line the Reddy homes, ranging from Bentleys and Mercs to the latest SUVs and Range Rovers.
God Bless India!

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