World's Most Amazing Rainy Places

There are amazing rainy places in the world that you have to see. Based on the information got from the wikipedia the places that get the most of the rain in the world are Cherrapunji, India, Mount Wai-ale-ale, Hawaii, and Tutunendo, Colombia.

The rainfall in Cherrapunji, India averages to 11,430 mm which is about 450 inches. The highest rainfall recorded in Cherrapunji was in the year 1861 at 22,987 mm which is approximately 905 inches.

Another place in India, the Mawsynram in Meghalaya has recorded an average rainfall of 11,873 mm taken over a period of 38 years by peon of the Public Works Department.

Mount Wai-ale-ale records an average rainfall of about 426 inches since the year 1912. The highest rainfall in this place is recorded at 683 inches in the year 1982. This mount is considered as one of the wettest places. This is found at an elevation of 5148 feet which is the second highest point in the Kau'i islands of Hawaii.

One of the other places with more rainfall in the world is Tutunendo in Choc, Colombia. The rainfall here averages to 11,394 mm in a year which is approximately 448 inches. The highest rainfall recorded in this town is 26,303 mm (1,035.6 inches) in the year 1974.

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