Amazing and Beautiful lines in English

heart melting words:
tears will'nt come when u miss a person,
it comes when u don't want to miss a person....just feel it!!!

beautiful truth against gravity:
the heart feels light when someone is in it.
but it feels very heavy when someone leaves it......

a heart dies when it is not able to share its feelings..but a heart kills itself when another heart doesn't understands its feelings....

loving someone doesn't need a reason
if u can explain why u love someone it's called 'like'
if u can't explain it's simply called 'love'

its very easy to say busy when someone needs you
but its very difficult to hear busy when you need someone..

Not all fingers are same in length, but when they bend all stand equal....Life become easy when we bend and adjust to all situations...

A true quote:
if silence is meant to be the best for all situations...then why we all get so hurt when people don't talk to us??

one of the very true & greatest illusions of life is that....
"we always believe there is more time in tomorrow than today"

we work for making better tomorrow
but when tomorrow comes
instead of enjoying again we start
thinking for better tomorrow.
thats life

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