Beautiful Motivational Thoughts

"If you don't like something change it;
If you can't change it, change the way you think about it."

The root for "motivation" is "move," and movement is change. Ask yourself right now...Am I moving forward, or am I standing still?

Do I have a career that I love? Am I pleased with the relationship I have with my spouse, my kids,
my parents ,my friends ....?

Do I have a healthy lifestyle? Is my energy level, my attitude, where it should be?

Is my relationship with the Super Natural ..God where it should be?

Is there a hobby, an activity I've wanted to pursue?

Truthful answers to these and other questions will tell you whether you want, or need to change. Although answering such questions truthfully is critical to begin the change process, we all know the tough part comes later. According to John Murphy in his bookThink Change, the key to successful change is discipline and "reprogramming beliefs."

A cautionary inner voice will tell you not to rock the boat, to stay on the path of least resistance, but your heart is telling you otherwise.

Listen to your heart. Filter out the old static and tune in something new. Challenge your assumptions, identify and study people already doing what you want to do.

Read books and listen to tapes that will motivate you to break away from the notorious "comfort zone."

Confront your fears. When one unsatisfying day just blurs into the next - your life is begging for a change.

Comfort Zones put padlocks on the doors to growth, discovery, and adventure in your life, but three keys that will unlock those doors are discipline, hard work and faith.

Change can truly be a wonderful gift. It can recharge your emotional battery and nourish your soul. Just do it! Choose change and let it make a positive difference in your life.

 Sometimes in the winds of change we find out true direction

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