Life Gets Better

Every day, life gets better. Because every day adds more
Substance to the outstanding experience of life.

On some days it may seem like your life is falling behind
Instead of getting better. But that's just because you fail
To consider the real value that is always building within

At some point you'll come to appreciate and even treasure
The setbacks and disappointments. For although they are
Painful, they give you the opportunity to grow stronger.

The difficulties are blessings that haven't fully developed.
The joys are well-deserved rewards that encourage you to
Keep moving forward.

No matter how good life has been, it is getting even better.
No matter what challenges may push against you, each moment
Brings more of life's goodness.

Feel that goodness as it accumulates in your experience. And
Live the possibilities that become more rich and meaningful
With each dawning day.

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