Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mr.Tukarama Omble..

Do you know who thiz guy is? No idea??

Ok, let me introduce him..

This is Mr.Tukarama Omble..

Still you do not know him??


Hope you all know "Ajmal Kasab"?

Good.. How popular Ajmal is.. but only a few know about Tukarama Omble.. Let me give you some more details..

"On the day terrorists attacked Mumbai, ASI Tukaram Omble, 48, was on the night duty. At 12.30 am on 27 November he had called his family and spoken to them.

Omble's senior told him to take up position on Marine Drive on Wednesday night, after the news of firings at Leopold Cafe, Oberoi and Taj Hotels came in. Around 12.45 am, he got an alert on his walkie-talkie that two terrorists had hijacked a Skoda car and were heading for Girgaum Chowpatty. Just minutes later, the Skoda whizzed past him.

Omble jumped on to his motorcycle and chased the car. A team from DB Marg police station was setting up a barricade at the chowpatty signal. As the car approached the signal, the terrorists opened fire on the police, but had to reduce speed because of the barricades. Omble overtook the Skoda and stopped in front of it, forcing the driver of the car to swerve right and hit the divider. With the terrorists momentarily distracted, Omble sprang toward one of them, Ajmal Kasab, and gripped the barrel of the AK47 rifle with both hands. With the barrel pointing towards Omble, Kasab pulled the trigger, hitting Omble in the abdomen. Omble collapsed, but held on to the gun till he lost consciousness, which likely stopped Kasab from shooting others."

Now you got him, right?? He was the Lionheart who sacrificed himself to save many lives and surrender Kasab alive..

Do you know where his family is? Do you know what his family does?

No body wants to know that!!

Just try to compare what Govt. spend for Odumble's family and what govt. spends for the mighty terrorist Kasab..

Shouldn't we feel ashamed??

Omble should be awarded the posthumous Bharat Ratna and his name to be etched in golden letters for future generations who may know that it does not take someone big to do a great thing for the nation as Omble clearly did.

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