Mukesh Ambani's Ugly Billion Dollar House

Yup, unreal as it sounds this house cost 1 billion dollars along with 7 years to create. Take a long look at this billion dollar home that features 27 floors, 600 servants, and includes a yoga room and pool. Just look at it. Is that a billion dollar architecture design? To many of us in the western world, we say uhmmm no! Isn’t that something a redneck threw together?

Truth of the matter is that a group of architects built this home in Mumbai for Mukesh Ambani.

The design comes from implementing the principles of Vaastu to maximize positive energy, this is similar to Chinese Feng Shui. You won’t find 2 floor plants that are alike and each floor offers different materials in its creation.

Mukesh has made his millions of dollars in petrol; he is the 4th richest person in the world.

There are perks to this unusual and ugly looking building. It includes an ice room where flakes of snow can rain down on you as you relax from the heat. There is also a movie theater, three balconies, and a health club. If you like views then the view of the Arabian Sea should appease you. It makes you wonder though how someone can also look down on the slums and live with themselves in all that opulence knowing that so many are starving.

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