Monday, October 10, 2011

See How Media can twist news

Difference between two newspapers.
The Hindu & Times of India

Both of them have same source of news i.e PTI, but one of them i.e The Hindu showed responsible journalism by taking an impartial and transparent view, but the other i.e TOI , tried to mislead the viewers against Anna Hazare.

Having a good Jan Lokpal Bill is not sufficient to eradicate Corruption. We need good newspapers too who can actually help democracy triumphs over corruption.

Being a largest selling newspaper TOI should show more responsibility. 

I feel sad that I am Times of India reader. May be it is time to switch to better newspaper. Share this so that it reached millions of TOI readers.

People who think its fake.... PLz visit the following webpages

This analysis is done by: Smruti Ranjan

Another Example: Its all about perspective

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