Sorry, Wrong Number

An American man on a business trip thinks of calling his wife. He dials his residence number from the hotel phone.

American man: Hello!
Reply: Hello!
American man smirks as it is an unfamiliar male Voice. He asks: Who's this?
Reply: Sir, I'm servant of this house!

American man: (Surprised!) Where did you come from?
Servant: Madam kept me here, yesterday.

American man: Ok, go and call madam!
Servant: She's sleeping with sir and told me not to disturb.

American man turns red and wild with anger. He screams into the phone, "Listen you bloody servant, listen to me. I'm the real owner of the house you're standing in".
Servant: Then who's the one here?
American man: Not sure who that f**king b@st@rd is. Do one thing for me and I'll pay you $50,000 once I'm back. Go and get the gun which is hanging in the drawing room.

After a few seconds servant is back...

Servant: Sir, I got the gun!
American man: And just around there in the drawers should be the bullets, take them and load into the gun.

After a minute...

Servant: It's ready now.
American man: Good! Now get into the room and shoot both of them.

After a minute...

Servant: Sir, I shot both of them, what do I do with the dead bodies?
American man: Just dig a hole into the garden and bury both of them in it.

Servant: Paused for a min! This is the 50th floor, there's no garden here!

American man: Paused for a min! Ooooops, sorry - wrong number!

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