Sushil Kumar from Bihar won Rs. 5 Crores in KBC

A young man from the interiors of Bihar, earning a meagre salary of just Rs.6,500 per month, coming from the most humblest of backgrounds, reaches the hot seat and cracks the ultimate prize of Rs. Crores.

Sushil Kumar is a computer operator and tutor. His victory led to celebrations on the sets of the show. The pulsating excitement on the set and among the crew was unimaginable. It was as if they had won the hugest prize ever in the history of Indian television. The tension as each question was meticulously answered and the pulsating and throbbing hearts as he crossed the Rs.1 crore mark and then waited and waited and waited till almost eternity to decide on that final answer of Rs.5 crores.

In 2004, the first season of KBC saw Harshvardhan Nawathe from Mumbai walking away with Rs.1 crore. Earlier this year, Rahat Taslim from Jharkand won Rs.1 crore but quit before the on the jackpot question for Rs. 5 crores.

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