Love is more than saying "I Love you"

Every couple can learn a lot from this beautiful pair. In these days when lots of couples are getting divorced for silly reasons.

It is very easy to say I love you, I love you for ever, I will be with you forever, I will die for you, I will care for you etc etc.. Love is more than saying "I Love you".

Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments shared between each other.

The couple Ahmad 26 and his wife Fatima 25-year-old have disabilities.They got married few years back. Ahmad does not have both hands and Fatima does not have feet but are strongly united.

Moral-Always enjoy life, no matter how hard it seems......When life gives you thousand reasons to cry. Show the world that You have million reasons to SMILE.... :)

Don`t forget to share it with the world....INSPIRE SOMEONE to refrain from divorcing. Let them learn the ART OF LIVING with the problems that are PART OF LIVING.

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