Monday, December 26, 2011

Top Internet Quotes on Current political situation in India

Respected Mumbai HC: 3-day traffic nuisance/paralysis in Mumbai can be tolerated, but 65 years of loot and loot of this country by corrupt and dishonest politicians won't be tolerated any more. Never.

Anna,7th pass,can't speak English,lives in a village, elite has contempt for him.If was taught in St Stephens,would be a revolutionary.

English elites will praise people in Egypt, Yemen for democratic protest, in India they will call Anna revolution anti democratic, frauds.

English elites don't have to fight for life, death certificates, as they are previledged, don't feel pain of corruption.

This fight is not for Anna and Arvind but for corruption free India. Do we deserve a corrupt India ?

Pl make your followers aware of Anna Hazare movement in India that is trying 2 stop d usurping of democracy by top of pyramid? - Shekhar Kapur

The outpouring of trust fr Anna as voice of India's bottom of pyramid is obvious reflection of loss of trust in elected MP's.

If Anna took the streets like Gandhi did in Dandi March, India would come to a grinding halt as millions will march with him.

Politicians think people are foolish, time to teach them a lesson in assembly elections.

On Lokpal case is made out to be Parliament versus People , it is Bad Parliamentarians versus Parliament.

Lokpal could be effective if we decide not to indulge in corrupt practices, dont take bribe, dont give bribe. Can we take the vow?

Each move of Sonia govt is reminiscent of Indira leading up to civil unrest. No good! But if it does cm, may it b the last one for real freedom!

Lallu Yadav & RJD have been rejected by the people of Bihar. Being in Parliament does not in way way give him the right to mock us or Anna.

Moscow has today witnessed biggest people's rally against Putin, people globally are fed up with their leaders, time for change.

World is changing but Rulers allover the world does not want to relinquish power, even in India they think they will rule forever.

A section of the society is being poisoned to hate another section since childhood, and they grow up as the most dangerous creatures.

Media follows a weird brand of six sigma Secularism which involves denigrating everything Indian & Hindu in particular.
I am most saddened by media esp. Rajdeep sardesai who has praised the bufoonery of Lalu yesterday. Shekhar Kapur

Dev Anand was first man with courage to publicly stand against Indira Gandhi's emergency. He took to streets to rally ppl in Mumbai. What about today's generation of peoples' real life heros: SRK, Amitabh, Salman, Ajay, Amir, Sachin, etc. Do they have guts to speak for the Truth?

Parliament works? After 64 yrs, 75% India needs food subsidy to survive. Massive corruption skews Indian economic growth to top few. Shekhar Kapoor.

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