Zardari Jokes

1. Long lines
 A man standing in a long line for food tells the others in the line that he is leaving the line to go to shoot the president. He returns after a few hours and rejoins the line.
 Did you manage to kill him ?", everyone asks him.
No, that line is longer than this one, he replies.

2. Robber meets Zardari
 Robber: Give me all your money!
 Zardari: Do you know who I am? I am Asif Ali Zardari.
 Robber: OK. Give me all my money.

3. TV anchor announcing:

Terrorists have kidnapped our beloved Zardari and are demanding $5,000,000 or they will burn him with petrol. Please donate what you can. I have donated five liters.

4. Postmaster General announcing

To commemorate the ascension to the Presidency, Pakistan Post has officially launched a new stamp. But the people of Pakistan are confused which side on the stamp to spit on.

5. Announcement In Zardari official airplane
 Mr. President , We are about to land. could you please put Sherry Rehman (former Information minister) in an upright position. Thank you.

6. Pakistani meets American
 Pakistani to American: What do you guys do with thieves?
 American: We treat them humanely and give them nice food, warm clothes and long jury trials
 Pakistani: Thats nothing. We give them the presidency.

7. Genie meets Pakistani
 Genie to Pakistani: Order me my master. What can I do for you?
 Pakistani to Genie: Bring me all the wealth in the Swiss bank.
Genie: My name is Genie, not Zardari.

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