Chinese New Year of the Dragon

The Dragon is a magnificent, imperial symbol, of the emperor and the male element of Yang. Synonymous with power and wealth. Make some noise for the Chinese New Year, this year of the dragon.. In ancient China a huge "年 (nián)" monster who made its home at the deep bottom of ocean, on New Year's Eve, comes out to devour the livestock and people living in the villages. However, after many years and many losses people discovered that the "年 (nián)" monster was afraid of the color red, bright lights and slam-bang noises. So on the New Year's Eve, Chinese people put couplets written on red paper up on their gate, hung red lanterns across gate beams, set off fireworks and stayed up all night, and still follow this tradition today. This tradition shares a deep lingering feelings from the passing year and a nice longing for the coming new year.

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