Get relaxed from work

Stop sitting around wondering if this will work out or if
That won't work out. Get busy and find out for yourself.

Stop wishing that you had more to work with. You have more
Than enough to get started in this moment.

Once you start, once you make that first effort, you'll be
Able to tap into the power of momentum. The initial results
You get will enable you to make the next effort.

Quit worrying about not having enough time, for that
Worrying itself just wastes your precious time. Simply and
Gratefully make use of the time you have, and you'll always
Be making progress.

Put thought into your efforts, but don't make your thoughts
A substitute for your efforts. Get busy and put your best
Thoughts into effective action.

Give your best to this day, give your best to the effort,
And good things will come from it. Though it won't always be
The way you expect, you will always find ways to create
Real, unique value and richness in your life.
Ralph Marston


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