Life is a challenge

The challenges show you how powerful and effective you can be
when you must be. The positive possibilities give you
satisfying and fulfilling ways to make use of your strength.

The difficult times help you to more fully appreciate what
you have. The good times help you to see how very much joy
is possible.

The disappointments bring you valuable, meaningful and
useful experience. The successes give you the confidence to
reach even higher.

Those who criticize you offer you priceless feedback and
important new perspectives. Those who appreciate what you've
done give you the encouragement to do even more.

No matter which way the individual events may go, life moves
forward. From each and every experience and outcome, there
is something of value to be gained.

Instead of worrying or judging or obsessing about what may
or may not come, accept and appreciate what does come. Then,
with a strong and thankful heart, make good and purposeful
use of it all.

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