Yangpu and Nanpu bridges

Yangpu and Nanpu bridges are crossing the Huangpu River and connecting the Pudong (east of Shanghai) to the rest of Shanghai areas, and they are among the longest bridges of the world. The two bridges are at 7,658 and 8,346 meters respectively. The distance between two bridges is 11 kilometers. Both are of the double cable-stayed suspension type with a long span. The two bridges of the Huangpu River combined with the Oriental Pearl Tower form the magnificent view of "two dragons playing the pearl". Nanpu Bridge is the first bridge that was built across the Huangpu River. As a cable-stayed bridge, its main bridge is 846 meters long and 30.35 meters wide, divided into six lanes. The Yangpu Bridge is a sister bridge of the Nanpu Bridge and was opened to traffic in October 1993. The two bridges act as two wings to help the Inner-Ring Road to fly across the Huangpu River
Yangpu and Nanpu bridges

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