Faith the size of a mustard seed Will move a mighty mountainThat's what His word tells me To believe is to trust in Him

To know that His word is truth To know that He will do as He saysTo stand on those wordsAnd accept them through his Grace

So why do I doubt Why do I limit Him Why do I fear Is fear really a sin

Faith the size of a mustard seed Is what I have and more Yet I whine and cry When adversity knocks on my door

I know my God is there To wipe away my tearsI know my God is thereTo calm all my fears

I know my God is thereTo fix all that's brokenI know my God can do all things With only one word spoken

He's the creator of all the universeHe's the creator of my soul He's the reason I'm alive He can make me whole

He takes me by the handHe walks me through the darkI've trusted Him through all the yearsTo chase away the enemy's sharks

Yet when a new problem arises When I'm faced with sadness again I cry and whine and wail I guess I never learn

Faith the size of a mustard seedWill move a mighty mountainNothing is impossible with God When you simply trust in Him Amen!!

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